After completing her studies in Fashion Design at the School of the Arts in Arnhem, obtaining her Masters in Fashion Design and winning the Frans Molenaar Couture Prize in the late 1990s, Marcha Hüskes continued her path with showrooms and agents in Paris, London and New York. For years her collections were sold to boutiques in the Netherlands and abroad. She felt in 2018 that it was time for a different direction and method and she took the initiative to open the doors of her own studio in Amsterdam. Before that, she missed direct contact with her customers. She knew before she created the collection, but rarely spoke to the “woman that is behind the customer". She was curious about who she is, what she does and about her wishes, needs and feedback.

Creating the wardrobe for the special and unique women is Marcha Hüskes’ mission. She stands for beautiful, timeless and durable designs that have the power of simplicity, classical and minimalism. She delivers her collections with the best materials and the perfect fit, combining the high-end fashion with a respect on the clients’ lifestyle and body. The garments are all luxurious items that fall good and feel good, with a conscious on the animals and the nature.